Learning and volunteering

Keep on learning

Many of us think of learning as something you do in childhood, but learning new skills can give you a sense of achievement and a new confidence.  Learning something new is a good way to keep yourself occupied and productive if you find you have time on your hands while staying at home during this period of social distancing.

Here are some ideas to get you trying something new:

  • Try learning to cook something new or learn to bake. Find out about healthy eating and cooking tips on the NHS website.
  • Work on a DIY project, or learn a new practical skill such as fixing a broken bike, garden gate or something bigger. There are lots of free video tutorials online – YouTube is a good source for practical skills.
  • Consider signing up for an online course. You could try learning a new language, learn sign language, learn to draw or a practical skill.
  • Try new hobbies that challenge you, such as writing a blog, trying knitting or sewing, make a scrap book or try trace your family tree.
  • Challenge your brain with online puzzles, or puzzle books.

Contact your local Wellbeing team for more ideas on learning opportunities while you stay at home.  They can offer a helping hand to make that first step.

West Sussex Libraries are offering an e-library service, with e-books, audiobooks, e-magazines and e-newspapers available, as well as family and local history resources.

Help others

Most people would agree that giving to others is good in itself - but it can also improve your mental wellbeing.

Small acts of kindness towards other people, or larger ones – such as volunteering in your local community – can give you a sense of purpose and make you feel happier and more satisfied about life.

During the coronavirus outbreak there is a need for volunteers in a number of capacities.  You can volunteer informally in your local community, for example by helping neighbours who may be older or who are self-isolating or ill, or by phoning someone who you think might be feeling lonely.  There is guidance from the government about how you can help safely.

There are also volunteering opportunities as part of the wider response to the coronavirus outbreak, including:

  • West Sussex County Council community hub which is supporting the most vulnerable people in the community
  • If you are an existing volunteer, your help may still be needed to provide support to the community during this period.

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