What our clients say about our service

We know asking for help can sometimes be daunting but our friendly team is on hand to support you to achieve your health and wellbeing goals. Here we share the experiences of some our clients who have accessed different areas of the service.

Support with stopping smoking

"Andy gave me lots of encouragement and sent me lots of useful resources. He also explained how to use the nicotine replacement therapy. We had regular calls and I sent Andy regular email updates on how I was doing and he was always there to offer advice, which was really helpful during the challenging times".

"Get support and just keep going with it. Finding ways to keep yourself busy helped me. Reminding myself of why it was important for me to stop helped me to stay focused".


"My mental health has improved and I now feel less stressed than I used to be. I have a lot more energy and as a result I am now walking a lot more. I am no longer waking up at night and so I feel that I am sleeping a lot better too".

Support with cutting down on alcohol

"I found the session with Sam really helpful. Although I generally don’t drink alcohol during the week, the session highlighted that I was reaching my weekly points allowance over the weekend.  Sam offered various tips for reducing my intake, the most helpful of which has been the measuring cup and calorie info".

"I feel I have a much better understanding and feel in more control of what I drink and I can now make better choices as a result. In general, I am reducing my weekly points by 3-4 every week so my total weekly points are now 9-10 which I am very pleased with".

"I have been very impressed with the service offered and think it is a fantastic service to provide to people of any age who can benefit from this kind of intervention".

Wellbeing advisor appointment

"I just wanted to thank you for your time on Monday. You were clear, approachable and provided the right amount of information for my needs. It was a really interesting session, with useful feedback on areas I need to target and ideas on how to make improvements". 

Weight off workshop

"After many years of trying to lose weight with no luck, I achieved a loss of over 4kg during the Weight Management course run by HDC.  Nicola was supportive, informative and inspirational.  It turns out it's not about diet but re-education.  I consider myself re-educated and the effects are continuing".

Learn to run course

"I had somehow gone from being very fit to unfit in the space of about 5 years. I needed something to motivate me back to fitness and LTR has given me that. I have gone from running 30 seconds and being puffed out to running for 40 minutes and feeling energised afterwards, that is amazing! Doing it alongside other like-minded people kept me going where had I been trying it on my own I would have come up with excuses not to run. The knock on benefits have been so good. I’m so much fitter, sleeping better, my menopausal symptoms have diminished and I have more energy to keep up with my very energetic teenagers".

Exercise to music course

"Sincere thanks to Vicky for the really enjoyable, and beneficial, classes on a Thursday morning.  It’s been great, not just the exercise but also rapport between Vicky and other ladies attending. It’s been one of the best things (and most interaction with anyone) since moving here 7 years ago".

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