Grants and assistance

Private sector grants and assistance

Whilst it is primarily the responsibility of homeowners to maintain their own properties, Horsham District Council is able to assist vulnerable and poorer homeowners with repairs and improvements, especially where this benefits health or allows people to remain in their own homes.

If you would like more information on the range of grants and assistance available, contact the Horsham District Council on (01403) 215405.

Heating and energy efficiency

Energy efficiency improvements are addressed primarily by promoting nationally available grants and discount schemes. Free and independent advice is available to all residents through the designated officer of the Council and the West Sussex Energy Efficiency Advice Centre.

If you are a homeowner/in private rented accommodation with no working heating system and are:

  • in receipt of means tested benefit, or
  • your net household income is less than £18,00, and
  • you are over 60 years old, or
  • have at least one dependant child under 16 years of age, or
  • are pregnant, or
  • are disabled or have a long-term health condition

then the West Sussex Partnership is offering fuel poor residents in West Sussex one oil-filled radiator per household to help keep them warm and well. The heater should be a stopgap until the client is able to have a heating system fixed or replaced by the Warm Front grant or by their own means. They will be provided to the client for £1 (one pound).

For more details, call Michelle Cheeseman the West Sussex Fuel Poverty Co-ordinator on 01903 737537 or email.

Disabled facilities grants

Available to help disabled people to live more independently in their own home. The Council can provide a grant to pay for works recommended by West Sussex County Council’s Occupational Therapists for disabled people receiving means-tested benefits or who have a low income according to our financial assessment.  Contact OT Connect for an assessment of your needs on 01903 839100, or check eligibility with us first.

Moving home assistance

Where a person owns their own home and qualifies for a Disabled Facilities Grant but their existing home is unsuitable and a move to different accommodation would be a better alternative to adaptation, financial assistance up to £5,000 is available towards the cost of moving.  Such assistance would be by way of a grant, and would be repayable should the property be sold within five years of completion of the move.

Repair assistance

This is available to improve living conditions to meet the Decent Homes Standard and to alleviate serious risks to health and safety. It is available to owner-occupiers who have owned and occupied their property for at least three years preceding an application. This assistance is subject to a means test. Repair Assistance is offered up to a maximum of £20,000 per dwelling over a ten year period. All Repair Assistance must be repaid when there is a change of ownership.

Minor repair assistance

This is available to people over 60 years of age and vulnerable/ disadvantaged households in receipt of a means tested benefit. It is available for small-scale works of repair, improvement and adaptation, to assist people to remain in their home.  Minor Repair Assistance is offered up to a maximum of £3,000 per dwelling over a five year period, and is available to both owner-occupiers and tenants. Applicants must have occupied the dwelling for at least one year prior to an application. For Minor Repair Assistance there are no conditions of repayment.

Landlord repair assistance

This is available to landlords to remedy serious risks to health and safety where action pursuant to section 5 of the Housing Act 2004 is required and it would be unreasonable to expect the landlord to secure improvements. The assistance is available to landlords where the property is let to a secure tenant on a regulated rent.  Assistance will normally be 50% of the cost of the eligible works, up to a maximum of £10,000.  The property must be let for a period of at least five years following completion of the works, and must be repaid if the conditions are breached or the property changes ownership.

Will I have to repay a grant or financial assistance?

There are a variety of grants and financial assistance available, some are repayable and some are not. Grants or assistance below £3,000 do not usually need to be repaid unless the conditions of the grant are broken. Larger grants or financial assistance are usually issued on the basis that they are repaid when the property is sold.

Emily Mills Will Trust

This Trust offers small, one-off grants of £100 - £150 per household, to all residents in Horsham District. Grants are available for essential equipment, food, clothing, bills, furniture or similar, on a case-by-case basis, subject to a simple application and approval process.

Forms can be requested by emailing the Community Development team at Horsham District Council or calling them on 01403 215216.

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