Weight off workshops (WOW)

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Do you feel you are overweight?

Have you been putting on the pounds recently? Are you ready to create healthier habits?

We run a number of different Weight off Workshops (WOW) aimed at helping you achieve your goals.

Each 12-week course offers the following:

  • Weekly sessions lasting around 45–90 mins depending on which course you opt for
  • Small groups for maximum support and motivation
  • Nutritional advice based on the Eatwell Guide
  • Private weekly weigh-ins, nutrition and activity reviews, along with individual goal setting
  • WOW toolkit including British Heart Foundation's Eat Well Guide, weight tracker card and an exercise resistance band
  • Access to our Get Active courses if appropriate (see our Get active courses page).

WOW is for you if you are:

  • Ready to make small, sustainable changes every week focussing on nutrition and exercise
  • Able to commit to attending a minimum of 9 out of 12 sessions
  • Willing to complete all the evaluation paperwork

Types of WOW courses that you can join:

For further information, to find out more details of upcoming courses and to register to join you can either call 01403 215111, email us or complete our enquiry form (new window).

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