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Due to COVID-19 all courses have currently been postponed.

However please feel free to submit an enquiry form via the link at the bottom of this page and we will keep you up to date with any changes.


Do you feel you are overweight?

Have you been putting on the pounds recently?

Are you ready to create healthier habits?


We offer two slightly different workshops at various locations and days/times across the Disctrict. Both our workshops focus on weight loss, physical and emotional wellbeing along with advice and tips for sustainable lifestyle improvements.



Weekly sessions offer:

  • Nutritional advice to help you lose weight
  • Interactive sessions
  • A toolkit of resources to help you make sustainable changes
  • Support from a small group of like-minded individuals


WoW +

In addition to the above WoW+ seesions include a gentle introduction to activity in the form of circuit-based exercise with low impact and seated options available


For further information, to find out more details of upcoming courses and to register to join please click on the link and complete and enquiry form:

Enquiry form

Phone: 01403 215111

Email: info@horshamdistrictwellbeing.org.uk 



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