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Get active...

Do you want to feel a sense of achievement and get motivated? Then why not sign up to a Get Active course and get fitter, healthier and feel great!

Our ‘Get Active’ courses aim to support and guide you through your first steps to getting active or getting back into activity.

Our courses:

  • 10 session 65+ Back to Exercise course: A fun and friendly aerobic and strength class with the older body in mind. It’s a workout routine that has the power to help prevent injury and illness, keep you independent, alleviate stress and get you feeling strong and healthy. 
  • 10 session Legs Bums & Tums course: A fun, aerobic-based class. Learn easy to follow routines, get fitter, tone and release stress. Low and high impact options offered to suit your needs.
  • 10 session Learn to Run course: Have you ever wanted to start running but not known where to start? Why not sign up to our learn to run course? The course is led by qualified instructors who will help get you from walking to jogging gradually and safely. Learn To Run will be returning in September 2024. Register your interest early!
  • 10 session Pilates course: Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on balance, posture, strength and flexibility. It's suitable for people of all ages and like all of our Get Active courses is aimed at people who are taking their first steps to getting active.
  • Our courses are only for people starting to take their first steps to getting active, subject to eligibility criteria and are subject to change.

The next courses are due to start in September 2024 so please get in touch to register your interest and if you want to get started with your fitness journey before the course starts you can access our Wellbeing Health Walks timetable

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