Learn to run

Learn to run

A step-by-step course for people who aren't already active and need a little help to get started, aiming to help you go from walking to jogging over a 10 week period. 

There are absolutely no expectations in terms of reaching a particular distance or running for a set time by the end of the course, we encourage everyone to go at their own pace. 

Sessions comprise of a warm up, main activity and a cool down and stretch to finish. Rest assured it won't just be running loops around the park; we recognise variety is important when trying to maintain interest and motivation (you might even forget you are exercising!) so each week the main activity will be different.    

Next available courses:

Dates to be confirmed, morning and evenings in Horsham Park

All courses are subject to eligibility criteria. If you would like more information or are interested in signing up please call the hub on 01403 215111 or complete an enquiry form (new window).

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