Wellbeing appointments and MOTs


Wellbeing Advisor appointments:

The Wellbeing team provides free one-to-one advice, guidance and support to make lifestyle changes such as losing weight, eating well, becoming more active, reducing alcohol intake and stopping smoking.

Wellbeing MOT appointments:

MOT appointments are available with a friendly Wellbeing advisor at our Wellbeing Centre in Horsham town centre. Step onto our body composition scales to find out your fat %, muscle mass, bone mass, visceral fat, hydration levels and more! You will have the chance to talk through your results, confidentially, with a Wellbeing Advisor and decide on any steps you might want to take to help improve your health and lifestyle.

Please note that the Wellbeing MOT is not suitable if you are pregnant, have a pace maker, metal prosthesis, an artificial limb or internal medical device which can be operated remotely.

Contact us if you'd like to book a free one-to-one appointment with an advisor either face-to-face or over the telephone. Call 01403 215111, email us or complete a referral form (new window).

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