Strong & steady programme

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Currently under development 

Whilst the workshop is being developed we are keeping a waiting list for future participants. If you would like more information or wish to join the waiting list for a workshop near you, please contact us.

For people who wobble, trip or stumble and those concerned about falling, this friendly and practical group session is designed to build confidence, improve knowledge and
encourage you to do simple exercises at home that can help prevent falls.

If you can't get to a course and want to learn a simple strength and balance routine to do at home, this workshop could be for you.

Held at local venues throughout the year.

In line with current Government guidelines and during the current lockdown we are unable to hold any courses at the moment.

Beginner Course

A confidence building, low impact eight week course that focuses on strength, balance, co-ordination and flexibility.

If you can get to the venue and commit to an hour, once a week, for eight consecutive weeks, this course may be for you.

For those who want to be stronger, steadier and more active. Courses are held regularly throughout the year at The Bridge Leisure Centre, Broadbridge Heath.

Graduate Classes

Our partners at The Bridge Leisure Centre are providing cost effective pay-as-you-go classes for those completing our courses (subject to eligibility criteria). Ask for details when you complete your end-of-course assessment.

To find out if you are eligible and to register to join, call 01403 215111 or email Horsham Wellbeing or use the secure contact form on our Contact us page

We aim to provide a welcoming, safe and friendly environment for all. Access to the Strong & Steady programme is subject to eligibility criteria.

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