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Things that you can do to help yourself

Take the alcohol test

Take the Alcohol Test to work out how risky your drinking is, access personalised advice online and find out where you can get support in West Sussex.  The test is free, confidential and takes just two minutes.

Get support from family or friends

If you are concerned about your alcohol use and want to cut down or give up, support from others can help you through the process.  If possible, talk to a close friend or family member so they know what you are trying to do and can support you.

Think about why you drink

Are there certain situations where you are more likely to drink?  Perhaps your drinking is a response to another issue such as depression, anxiety, stress or a situation that you find difficult to cope with?  If you can think where and why you drink, it might help you find ways to cut down.

Get support to cut down or stop drinking

See our Support available page.

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