Let's Talk About Sleep workshop

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From: Thursday 11 August 2022
At: 10-11.30am
Where: The Wellbeing Centre, The Forum, Horsham RH12 1PQ

Phone: 01403 215111
Email: info@horshamdistrictwellbeing.org.uk
Website: www.horshamdistrictwellbeing.org.uk

One in three people live with a sleep disorder which if left untreated can lead to disease such as heart disease and diabetes; weight gain; anxiety; depression and a lowered immune response.
This short talk will look at factors affecting sleep and highlights the reasons why we are finding it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. We will show you how to work out your best sleep time and figure out what type of sleeper you are and how many hours you really need. We also offer helpful tools and advice to support you getting a good night sleep.
This talk is suitable for people who have mild to moderate sleep issues. If you suffer with insomnia or any health conditions that are affecting your sleep, you should contact your GP.

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