Wellbeing walks

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Fun, sociable, and family friendly guided walks

What are wellbeing walks?

Our wellbeing walks take place across the district and are led by volunteers. These take place at a variety of levels and locations – there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Why are they useful?

Staying active is a vital part of our lifestyle and walking is an effective and easy way to start.  Walking can positively impact our physical health, improving maintenance of high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol as well as strengthen bones and stamina – just to name a few. It is also effective for mental wellbeing, reducing stress and anxiety and improving sleep. 

How do I attend?

Our wellbeing walks are accessible for everyone, and you don’t need to book. You can find a walk best suited to you by visiting the Horsham District Council website and downloading the monthly programme.

See more of the District, increase your activity and meet new people!

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