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What is an NHS Health Check?

NHS Health Check is a national programme in England for people between the ages of 40 and 74. It is a free 30 minute check to assess your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease. This check is offered because everybody is at risk of developing these health problems, having an NHS Health Check can help you to lower your chance of developing them.

Can I have an NHS Health Check?

You can have an NHS Health Check once every five years and most people in the age range are eligible but there are some exceptions. If you already have any of the conditions mentioned above or you are already being treated for high cholesterol or high blood pressure then you will not be eligible. The NHS Health Check is part of a national programme to help prevent the onset of these problems. Every eligible West Sussex resident will be invited for a check once every five years. If you are outside the age range and concerned about your health, you should contact your GP.

What will happen at my check?

At your check you will be asked some simple questions about your family history and ethnicity, you will have your height and weight measured, your blood pressure and pulse rate will be taken along with a finger prick test to measure your cholesterol. If you are aged 65 plus you will also receive information about the signs and symptoms of dementia and support services.

Your results will be discussed with you and you will be given personalised advice on how to lower your risk and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You may be informed about local services that can support you to make changes. You may be referred on to your GP surgery for further blood tests or for treatment or medication to help you to maintain your health.

Contact us on 01403 215111 or email Horsham District Wellbeing to book your appointment.

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