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Free Support for your Workplace

Free Support for your Workplace

A proactive approach to health and wellbeing within the workplace is KEY to a happier and healthier workforce.  Investment in staff health and wellbeing does not have to involve high costs; simple measures can make a BIG DIFFERENCE. What we can offer from the Horsham Wellbeing team:

  • Individual staff Wellbeing Health MOTs and a direct link to onsite NHS Health Checks
  • Provide free 1:1 support for any member of staff who wishes to receive support to change a lifestyle behaviour (eg smoking, getting active and losing weight)
  • Return to a workplace to offer repeat MOTs so that staff can see if they have achieved improvements following intervention
  • Workplace Wellbeing days and events
  • Free Bi-Monthly Newsletter - about local and national Wellbeing campaigns like Reaching Rio, One You or Stoptober

Employer benefits include:

  • A happier and healthier workforce as a result of improved communication, morale and working atmosphere
  • Lower absenteeism and a quicker return to work after illness
  • Staff who are more committed and motivated
  • Increased productivity
  • A positive corporate image for your organisation

Employer benefits:

  • Better physical and mental health
  • Better quality in working life
  • Better professional performance


To find out more email Andrew.Holbrook@horsham.gov.uk or phone 01403 215269


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