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Services for West Sussex

Stop smoking support at a pharmacy

What is available to help me stop smoking in West Sussex

GP practices and pharmacies

You can get NHS stop smoking support at more than 50 GP practices across West Sussex. See this list of GP surgeries offering stop smoking support.

If you would like to make your quit attempt at your GP surgery, book an appointment and talk to the trained advisor at the practice about why you want to stop smoking.

If your surgery doesn’t offer this service you can access another surgery close by from the list, or go to any of the pharmacies listed here

These stop smoking services are free. They will advise on suitable medications to help you quit.

It is a fact that you are four times more likely to be a successful quitter if you have professional support from an advisor, compared to trying alone.

Some common questions

How long does a course of treatment last?

Any treatment will be explained in detail by a health professional. However, courses of NRT or varenicline (Champix) generally last about twelve weeks, and Zyban nine weeks.

How much will advice and treatment cost?

NHS services are free. Any treatment (NRT, Zyban, Champix) is available on prescription so you only pay the prescription charge. If you don't pay for your prescriptions then treatment is free.

Further tips and tools can be found on the SmokefreeNHS Choices and One You websites.


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