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Samaritans Horsham





You don't have to have suicidal thoughts to call Samaritans. Imagine that you - or someone you know - has a problem that is growing steadily.  We all have an idea of what constitutes either a big or small problem.  What concerns Samaritans is how big that problem feels.  If the weight of something feels huge, then it is.


Sometimes, we might not want to or be able to speak to someone close to us.  We might feel embarrassed; the problem may even involve those close to us. It could be something we've never told anyone before or feel afraid of being judged by someone important to us.  We simply might not want to burden anyone else.  Whatever it is, Samaritans don't judge or feel burdened. Most importantly, it's OK to talk to Samaritans about that growing problem before worry turns to overwhelming despair.  But if it does, they'll be there for that too. Samaritans are there every minute of every day so you can call any time.


Phone 01403 276276 / 01293 515151 / 08457 909090

Text 07725 909090

email: jo@samaritans.org

Visit local branch: (for face to face help) 21 Denne Road, Horsham RH12 1JE.  Personal visiting times vary.  Mostly 9am-9pm except Wednesday mornings and Friday and Sunday afternoons. 


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