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Strength & Balance Course

Steady On

 We can help you to:

Improve your balance, coordination and flexibility

Strenghten the muscles that help prevents falls

Learn what to do if you do fall

Build your confidene

Maintain your independence

Steady on is a free 15 week program designed for those who are concerned about falling or have noticed their strength and balance isn’t as good as it once was.

In this progressive course you will learn key exercises to help improve muscle strength making you less likely to fall. We’ll also teach you what to do if the worse happens and you do have a fall.

Classes are held in local venues across the Horsham district and we aim to provide a welcoming, safe and friendly environment allowing you to concentrate on what you are learning.  

As long as your balance concerns are not as a direct result of an illness or diagnosed disease and you can commit to an hour, once a week for 15 consecutive weeks this course may be for you.

To find out more or reserve a place call 01403 215111


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