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Find out if your drinking could be causing you harm

Living room and wine bottles

Don't bottle it up

Have you thought about how much you’ve been drinking lately? Take this two-minute self-assessment to find out if drink might be causing you harm.

Don't bottle it up - alcohol test

 Helpful tips

  • If you are bored or stressed have a workout or go for a walk instead of drinking
  • Avoid going to the pub after work
  • Plan activities and tasks at the times when you usually drink
  • When you do drink set yourself a limit and stick to it
  • Have your first drink after starting to eat
  • Quench your thirst with non-alcoholic drinks before and in between alcoholic drinks
  • Avoid drinking in rounds or in large groups
  • Switch to low alcoholic beer or lager
  • Avoid or limit the time spent with heavy-drinking friends.

DrinkCoach is a helpful iPhone App for anyone looking to cut down their alcohol intake or just keep an eye on how much they’re drinking. It's a way to track the units and calories that you're drinking, set goals for yourself (and get reminders of them), and watch videos that may help you manage alcohol cravings when they come along.


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